Marlee Abbott

I ate some berries and a lizard for dinner. Smeared clay on my shoulders to prevent sunburn.

This tattooed dumbass can’t forage worth shit, keeps rubbing against my ass at night for “warmth”.

I whittled a spear with a rock, said, “Thank you little fish for giving your life for mine.” I really meant it, that poor sweet carp, but the berries just won’t cut it.

This Bowie knife motherfucker talks to me like I’m stupid, crying about bug bites while I set traps. Shoulda stayed away from standing water, bro.

Crouched in the mud, I’m never afraid.

Marlee Abbott (they/she) is a woman-shaped entity usually spotted in their native Florida habitat. They received their BA in Creative Writing from the University of Miami and their MA (in Creative Writing!) from the University of West Florida. Marlee is an Academy of American Poets prizewinner, Pushcart nominee, and Nice Jewish Queer living with chronic illness. They believe in you.